Exploring the Most Beautiful Beaches Near Camping Carratois: A Journey into Sicilian Paradise.

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Explore the wonderful beaches of Sicily starting from Camping Carratois: from the finest sands and crystal-clear waters of Carratois and Isola delle Correnti, to the unspoiled nature of Costa dell’Ambra and Granelli, all the way to the charming beaches of Marza, San Lorenzo, and Calamosche, each with its own unique charm to discover along the Mediterranean and Ionian coast.

Carratois Beach

A gem of fine sand and crystal-clear sea, located just outside Camping Carratois. Ideal for a refreshing dip and long walks along the coast.

Isola delle Correnti Beach

Close to Carratois Beach, this beach offers a spectacular view of Isola delle Correnti and is perfect for water sports enthusiasts such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Costa dell'Ambra e Granelli Beach's

Continuing along the Mediterranean coast, you’ll find the tranquil Costa dell’Ambra Beach and the charming Granelli Beach, both characterized by pristine natural environments and ideal for families seeking relaxation.

Marza Beach

A vast beach that enchants with its crystal-clear waters and pristine nature, perfect for enjoying the sun and sea in total tranquility.

Scalo Mandria at Portopalo and Spinazza Beach at Marzamemi

On the Ionian coast, Scalo Mandria Beach in Portopalo and Spinazza Beach in Marzamemi offer breathtaking landscapes and an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere, ideal for immersing yourself in the local culture and enjoying the sea.

San Lorenzo Beach and Vendicari Nature Reserve

Continuing along the Ionian coast, San Lorenzo Beach and the Vendicari Nature Reserve offer a unique experience immersed in wild and protected nature, with pristine beaches and a rich biodiversity to discover.

Calamosche Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Calamosche is a hidden gem on the Ionian coast, surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters, a true paradise for sea and nature lovers.